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Hello fellow creatives!..

Let us present you an official dribbble cow! She gives magical milk, which in turn gives you magical powers to post stuff on dribbble! However, there will be only enough milk for 3 people.

Conditions to acquire the magic milk:

1) Join Utopia on Dribbble – www.dribbble.com/utopia
2) Join Utopia on Twitter – www.twitter.com/helloutopia
3) Join Utopia on Facebook – www.facebook.com/WeAreUtopia
4) Leave us a comment below mentioning that you have joined us on our profiles and including links to your showcase / portfolio

We will select the lucky winners of the 3 Dribbble invitations in one week time.

So, good luck! 😀


Thank you all for your comments, messages, tweets and buzz, it was very difficult to choose only 3, but here are our picks:

Alex Calcatelli – mindglass.it

Ana-Maria Grigoriu – blanana.ro

Helena Kampen – cargocollective.com/helenakampen


  1. I have followed you on facebook and dribble

    my portfolio :


  2. Hi Utopia,
    Thanks for the chance at a dribbble invite. Hope I can get some of that magic milk! I followed you on Dribbble and Twitter and liked your Facebook page.
    My recent work can be seen at http://be.net/cstreet

  3. I’ve joined your 3 social media profiles and would like some magic dribbble milk!! You can see my design portfolio on my web site and I also have a dribbble prospect page at http://dribbble.com/dekedesign. Really hoping you choose me. Thanks for the chance!

  4. I’m almost done with my website, but it’s still full of Lorem Ipsum. There is a good amount of recent content on there right now though. Thanks so much.

  5. Gotta follow you on no fewer than three social networks just for consideration? Ouch!

  6. Joined all three!

    portfolio site: madebymarc.us

  7. Guys, I’m a long long time looking for a dribbble invite. You have a nice works. I’ve glad if you’ll invite me. Praying to God. Thank you.

  8. hi – all are done – pls give me the magic milk!
    my site’s link -> http://www.nurulam.in/

  9. Thanks Utopia, joined all three.

  10. Done! Hope I can get an invite.

    my portfolio

  11. Followed you. Check out my portfolio at http://www.chacier.com


  12. Hi, all are done! Here is my personal portfolio website : http://www.zeepdesign.com behance : http://www.behance.net/emrepehlevan and my works for our own bussiness on http://www.gripati.com by the way my dribble: http://dribbble.com/emrepehlevan

  13. All hail to the rulers of Utopia!

    I have done all the sacrifices asked for, making myself worthy of thy invitation.
    But hear this, because I bid you not to grant the invitation to myself, but to a fellow designer, a long seeker for an invitation.
    Here lies her website: http://blanana.ro/ and here the behance link: http://www.behance.net/anamariagrigoriu (e-mail anamaria.grigoriul@gmail.com if she is to be lucky cowmilk winner). In the name of good design I bid you farewell


  14. I Already follow and liked the link

    here my portfolio:
    and http://www.behance.net/ericsonluciano

    Thank you for this 🙂

  15. Hey Utopia… Followed.

    Heres my work.

    Here’s my prospect page.

    Thanks for considering.

  16. 请求邀请码一个。

  17. dribbble / twitter / facebook ~ I’m done.
    Here my works: http://www.uisun.com
    My dribbble accounts name:uisun

  18. Following you at all three places. Would love to have the chance to join the dribbble community!

    Thank you.


  19. Hello Utopia,
    I have followed you on facebook, dribble, and twitter. I would love to have the opportunity to be part of dribble. Here is a link to my portfolio: theonlymaria.com

  20. dribble name: juliabuenocoelho
    Hi, I have followed you on all the steps required,
    here’s a link to my portfolio

  21. Hello Utopia,
    I have followed you on facebook, dribble, and twitter. I would like to have the opportunity to be part of dribble. I’m graphic designer for 3 years. Here is a link to my portfolio: http://anistoianova.crevado.com/
    Thank you!

  22. Hi!

    I’m a sad developer that only does design on the free time. My dream for this year is to have a dribbble account and begin filling it with awesome designs. Please help me with that!


    Tks a lot floks!

  23. follow, follow, like 🙂

    Some of my latest works: http://endcore.com/portfolio/

  24. Thank you for getting this chance. I joined all 3.

  25. Hi! 🙂 My dribbble – http://dribbble.com/sheebalka
    My potfolio – http://be.net/sheebalka. Love icons and would like to be the part of dribble (for comments and inspiration).
    My shot http://cl.ly/image/2w2y0C141z1y .
    Done. Thank u!

  26. Followed on Dribbble and Facebook.

    Put me in coach!

  27. I’m currently redoing my website, but the older one is still functional: http://www.designology.co/

    I have some screenshots of the WIP on http://www.behance.net/designology along with two other pretty extensive projects.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  28. Done!

    And here is my portfolio

    Thanks! 🙂

  29. now following you on Dribbble, Twitter & Facebook 😉

    Dribble: http://dribbble.com/Axle
    Portfolio: http://axle9.deviantart.com/gallery/

  30. Done!
    You can see my works here: http://mrpanoramix.deviantart.com/
    And this is my dribbble: http://dribbble.com/Thimo_cz


  31. I follow you on the dribbbles.

  32. Hello!

    My name is Gauthier Mulnad and I’m a belgian webdesigner.

    First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the dribbble invite giveway. I’d really love to take part of this community for many reasons, such as posting a selection of my best works and also getting advices from professionals.

    My prospect account : http://dribbble.com/Gauthier_Mulnard

    And my portfolio : http://www.gauthier-mulnard.be

    Thank you for your consideration!

    P.S : and here a rebound, i did it for fun : http://gauthier-mulnard.be/dribbble_shots/

  33. Followed, followed and liked! I’d like to throw my portfolio in to the pot for an invitation please http://www.aidancotter.com

  34. Hello! I followed you on all three sites, and I really hope to win a Dribbble invite. Please check out my work at the links below.


    Thank you!

  35. Hi,

    My portfolio+blog URL: http://www.freebiesbucket.com/

    Kindly visit both of links and share your comments.

  36. Done, following you EVERYWHERE ! <3

    My portfolio : http://manoz.fr/dribbble/
    Dribbble profil : http://dribbble.com/Manoz

    I'm still a noob but I learn fast. And it is thanks to you. Good lick all ! 🙂

  37. Followed, followed and liked 🙂

    Dribbble profile: http://dribbble.com/albertpak

    Thank you 🙂

  38. All followed everywhere.

    Links are:
    Website: http://nevermike.com
    Dribbble profile: http://dribbble.com/nevermike

    Thanks for the chance.

  39. Drrrriiiiibbbbbbbble meeeee! <3

  40. Hi magic milk !

    joined all of social part!
    You can find me on dribble : http://dribbble.com/alexis_merlin
    Here a little part of many differents projects : http://www.flickr.com/photos/merlinalexis75/
    hope u can give an invite to a french bear!
    see u soon to take a drink… of milk sure!

  41. Followed you on all 3 networks, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    portfolio: http://www.aetherdesign.net
    dribbble: http://dribbble.com/aether_

  42. Dudes,

    The Social media has been connected… And I actually “loved” you guys on Facebook (So, you’re welcome).

    Here’s the personal portfolio:

  43. Hi Utopia,
    Thanks for the chance at a dribbble draft!! Per the instructions I’m following you on Dribbble, Twitter and liked your Facebook page!

    My recent work can be seen at http://www.matthewcunningham.org


  44. I’ve followed on all three sites, and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    My personal site is under renovation right now, but you can see some of my older work at http://form2function.deviantart.com/ and if you like what you see, my dribble profile awaits at http://dribbble.com/form2function for an invite! It’s been about 3-4 years now since I’ve been hoping to get an invitation, so perhaps 2012 will be the year for it.

    Good luck to everyone!

  45. Hi, I’ve joined all your profiles and here’s mine:



  46. Followed all three. Also appreciate the chance to expand my presence in the design world.

  47. Done! Would love to be in the running.

    Here’s some of my work: http://bit.ly/UBVeaV

  48. Hi Utopia,
    Many thanks for your dribbble invites giveaway!
    I’ve following you on all three sites!

    My works:

    Hope I could get an invitation 😀

  49. liked … done.
    followed … done and done.

    dribbble … http://dribbble.com/Leezlee
    website … http://andrealeesley.com/

    and a cat video … http://youtu.be/TbiedguhyvM

  50. Done, I’m on Dribbble, Twitter and Facebook

  51. Followed all there.
    would love to be drafted as a player heres some of my work http://www.behance.net/thunderdzn

  52. Done.

    Please consider me for your invite, here are some of my things:


    Dribbble profile:


    Nicolas Toth

  53. Crossing my fingers for some magic milk.

  54. I’m Raquel and I’m from Belgium 🙂 I just finished school and started as a webdesigner in a supercool web-agency. The only thing that’s missing is dribbble ^^ It’s a fun way to share designs, get comments and especially get better! So please take a look at my portfolio on http://www.behance.net/RaquelRP and http://www.raquelroman.be/
    Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/RaquelRP (started an account on rookiedraft http://www.rookiedraftt.com/Raquel)

    and i followed all!



  55. Hii! i need that milk really bad!!

    Some of my works: http://luuqas.deviantart.com/

  56. Hello There! I followed all and joined all Utopia!

    Here’s my portfolio >>> http://www.behance.net/shiasapir

  57. Hi,

    My name is Baptiste
    I’m Belgian
    I’ve just finished my study in Web Design and Multimedia.
    I’m a passionate of web and mainly in design.
    I think that dribbble can me bring a big open-minded in webdesign domain.

    This is my Dribbble profile: http://dribbble.com/Baptiste
    This is my portfolio http://baptiste-dumortier.be

    Thank you !


  58. Hi!
    I am long dreamed of dribbble inviting!

    link to my portfolio http://mmunky.com/portfolio/graphic
    400×300 shot http://t.co/Cd8LfOsS
    and dribble profile http://dribbble.com/mmunky

    Thank you for the opportunity

  59. Is Dribbble invite still available?
    BTW here you can see some of our works: d2d.co 🙂

  60. Hi Guys, I don’t know if this is late or not but really I wish if I can have a dribbble account, attached is part of my good portfolio hope you will like it.

    And this is my dribbble account: http://dribbble.com/khalil3

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  61. I have joined dribbble, twitter, and facebook:

    here is the latest work i did:
    here is my few work shots: http://www.behance.net/heritagei

    dribbble link: dribbble.com/heritagei

    It would be great for me to be on board, I really wanted to share creative stuff, something challenging design and get hired. I am looking for a great opportunity.

  62. Ok, done 🙂
    Hope you’ll like my portfolio.



  63. I hope its not too late…

    I joined you on the social networks, here is my portfolio: http://www.behance.net/DesignSolution

    Dribble Account: http://dribbble.com/DesignSolutions

    Thank you.

  64. done. 🙂

    my portfolio cargocollective.com/slim

  65. Hi I have joined all 3 some of my work can be found here:


    Regards 🙂