Hello everyone,

Here is a little bit of information on what we’re up to at the moment – we are actually going to make this a weekly post (more or less, haha) and we’re going to call it a ‘A Week in Utopia’.

So let’s just jump right into it.

First of all, since we started working, we get more and more inquiries which we are really happy about! Some of the stuff in non-disclosure type, but we can safely say that we are happy with the direction we are going. We currently work on a branding project for an aviation firm (yep!) from Eastern Europe. We are working on expanding our network further and further so we could also jump in some more exotic and sophisticated fields. We‘re also in negotiations with a few other exciting projects – we‘ll keep you posted on those 🙂

Me (Dalius), Deividas and Alex are working really hard on the design side of the business while we absolutely must mention our great account manager George who is working really hard to network us with the perfect people to work with (you might have actually ended up here with his help, heh). Oh, and there‘s also Cristi (he‘s taking care of the web design projects), who‘s been great helping us with our website, and other smaller yet important things.

We are also planning to give away 3 dribbble (www.dribbble.com) invites to our visitors/fans/followers, more about that on an upcoming post (today).

There will also be some article/posts coming out regarding design – first one will be our teams view on logo design, some process information and examples. So look forward to it!

This should do for now 😉



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